Posted by: wordofexcellence | September 19, 2012

Blaming the Poor – Does Romney have an iota of sense?

Mitt Romney – I never have known a person named Mitt. That’s undoubtedly a favorable aspect of my life. I don’t’ particularly care for Mitt Romney. He’s a decent looking guy, and he has a decent looking wife, and he has an awfully decent life. Some of the rest of us (MOST of the rest of us) have a far less sterling existence than Romney. Was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth? I don’t know that, but his daddy was pretty well-to-do, wasn’t he?

I found a quotation from Norman Mailer today. Mailer, the extraordinary writer of fiction and non-fiction tomes, such as “The Executioner’s Song,” a marvelous story about Gary Gilmore, who pleaded for his own execution; “The Naked and The Dead,” “The Armies of the Night,” and myriad others, was an astute and often boisterous voice of the people.  I admired him not only for his excellent writing skills, but also for his willingness to go out on a limb for the causes he supported.

To wit, the quote: “To blame the poor for subsisting on welfare has no justice unless we are also willing to judge every rich member of society by how productive he or she is. Taken individual by individual, it is likely that there’s more idleness and abuse of government favors among the economically privileged than among the ranks of the disadvantaged.” -Norman Mailer, author (1923-2007).

Didn’t our 2012 Republican presidential nominee – one Mr. Mitt Romney – just finish telling us that 47% of our national population is essentially living off the largesse of the rest of the nation, openly dependent on the downtrodden rich folk who provide their welfare. It’s long been a Republican tenet that we live in what is essentially a welfare state.

If you’re poor, non-white, disenfranchised, destitute, perhaps ill to the point of inability to work, then Romney and his minions have no shame in calling you a leech on the system. If your only income is from Social Security, well then you’d better watch out, and it’s not because Santa Claus is coming to town. The Republicans in Congress (ought to be spelled with a small ‘c’ for what benefit they bring to us) would reduce what marginal income you have at this time.

Do the poor pay a nominal amount of income tax, as Romney is wont to claim?  Of course they do – how are they to pay a large amount given their minimal income?

What I find exceedingly hypocritical in Romney’s stance is that he’s apparently terrified at the thought of releasing his own tax returns beyond the two years’ worth that he has so far proferred.  With the same mouth that proclaims he has the right not to disclose, he damns the folk in our nation who rely on assistance to merely live, let along get by.

I was a more fervent Barack Obama backer four years ago. That’s not to say that I don’t think he’s done a reasonably decent job as President; just recognition that our country seems to have stagnated and that he’s made his fair share of mistakes in that leadership role. I find congress (there’s your lower-case c) to have been guilty of back-biting along with inconsiderate war-waging against the American citizenry.

It’s an old story, but it never ends that defense spending (and more and more war) is happily pushed forward while services that benefit (wait for it…) every citizen get pushed to the back of the line.

I don’t blame Connecticut’s Republican candidates for turning their back on Romney. How else do they stand any chance of election? I’d have to guess that more and more Americans – be they among the 47% or among the 1% – are about to turn their back on Romney.

I won’t count myself among that group – I was in the Obama camp a long time ago.


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