Posted by: wordofexcellence | June 8, 2012

The Lament of the Unemployed

Briefly, without succor, a person lacking a job can drift off into a plague of weariness and sloth. It is that rare one who might look at all the advantages of the leisure lifestyle, determined to live life within the very moment.

Herewith, a glance into the mind of such a wastrel:

I am sick and tired of being out of work; it’s not enjoyable – although it does have its moments. I am able to leisurely stroll through the internet and find things to read, to consider, to contemplate, to write, to think about…

I can be frivolous and carefree, flippant and foolish, artistic and erudite, wanton and angst-ridden, avaristic and despoiled, sexy yet unapproachable, willing but unable, worried and confused, delighted and determined, curious but secretive, out yet closeted, closeted yet out, dependent and needy, independent and secure, humorous, puzzling, informative, sarcastic, worried, loving, engaging, kind, mean, nasty, ugly, natty, ragged, gluttonous, engorged, unbelieving, stunned and stunning all at once, nonplused and forgotten, downtrodden and desperate, enthusiastic and at the ready, deluged and overwrought, forgotten while available and, finally, utterly woebegone.
Take heed that you not fall into the depths, should you find yourself in an untenable position.





  1. I was unemployed due to stupidity and lost everything so I went to Spain…..without promoting my true story, okay I am and I’m sorry but I have written a book about it. I will not put the link up unless you want me to, its your post and a great one at that….

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