Posted by: wordofexcellence | March 26, 2012

And the conservatives weigh in on Trayvon’s killing

How can I let Michelle Malkin comment on this tragedy without reacting?

There used to be a conservative grouping and a liberal grouping in America, and the rhetoric used to go back and forth, without much harm to anyone save a few hurt feelings.

Now we see diatribes day upon day, particularly coming from Fox “news” and the likes of Ms. Malkin and oh-so-many more, beating as hard as they are able on Barack Obama, anyone else who might resemble a Democrat, this young teenager whose death has startled us all.

To quote Ms. Malkin, the President “weighed in” on the tragedy. She repeats his comments and goes on to make the following comment: “What do Trayvon’s race and looks have to do with anything? The political opportunism undercuts the very “seriousness” Obama purports to display.

Something stinks in her column. Hello? What does his “race and looks have to do with anything?” Well, how about at least 95 per cent of the reason George Zimmerman tracked him down and called 911 and had a gun in his hand and attacked him and killed him…that’s what his race and looks have to do with!

Now maybe Ms. Malkin is only trying to beat the drum about Obama’s delayed response to the situation – after all, he’s an easy target, as is any sitting President. But to express it in the terms that she uses – I am struck dumb to think of how ridiculous these new “conservatives” are.

A couple of weeks ago, we have Limbaugh calling a woman a slut on his national radio outlet, only to backed up by the O’Reillys and Malkins of the world. Now (and again and again) we have President Obama questioned about his thoughts as to what his own son would look like if he existed – just like Trayvon Martin – and he weighed in on the Florida tragedy in an appropriate manner.

I wish, for one, that I could make the Malkins, the O’Reillys and the Limbaughs of this world retreat (at worst) and go away (at best), but I suppose we have to live with their nastiness for a while longer. Their party of choice is inept and unable to come up with a presidential candidate who inspires any faith or hope in the American public, so it looks like they’ll have another 4 years to whine and complain about Obama and his supposed “illegal” existence, and to rail about all the injustices brought upon them when another innocent boy of color is killed by a neighborhood watch leader – all in the name of protecting their poor little, lily-white havens.

I’m not astounded by their criticisms – simply disappointed they they can’t get it in America in 2012.


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