Posted by: wordofexcellence | March 21, 2012

How Do I Become An Excellent Shooter?

What follows is a treatise on shooting a basketball, something I am quite familiar with and expert at. I’ve made a  name for myself (at least in groups that I play ball with) as a very good three-point shooter. The reputation…and, yes, I’ve earned it…as well as the execution gave me reason to write what you will find below. This is but a preview of the entire piece, which I consider a bit too long to post here. It is worth reading in its entirety. Whether you play basketball or not, you can benefit from this – pass it along to someone who can learn from it or use it yourself, but don’t just ignore it.  Here you go…


The query: How do I become an excellent shooter?  I’ve been shooting a basketball since I was a child, beginning at the age of five or six.  In all those years, I have never achieved as I’d like to.  I have watched videos, gone to basketball camps held by all sorts of coaches and instructors, yet never seem to make anywhere near one-third of my shots, no matter where I locate myself on the basketball floor.

What am I to do?  Is there a system, a method that I’ve overlooked throughout the years?


Lo and behold, there is an answer!  Clearly, one of the most important things any player can do to get to a point of excellence is to “practice, practice, practice.”  Haven’t we all heard that throughout our playing days?  But here’s the big question – what if your skill set is lacking – what then are you practicing?  Perhaps it’s the wrong set of repetitions or exercises.  If that’s the case, your skill level will not increase, as you’re actually practicing the old things that haven’t worked for so long anyway.

There’s no accompanying video here to guide anyone, but by following the steps herein, there’s no question that one can become a much better shooter in a reasonable period of time.  Reasonable…is that a week, two?  Of course not; after all, preparing oneself for excellence can take many years in some areas of life.  Here we aren’t speaking of years, of course, but perhaps a few months of steady effort and desire will bring that degree of excellence you’re looking for.

When I began this treatise, I brainstormed a bit to see what tidbits were the most important.  Initially, I came up with 5 specific things that would contribute to excellence, and these were the principles that one would need to follow. 


But, oh, there’s so much more!

While I pondered, weak and weary (yes I am a long-time Poe fan), I realized that being a good shooter – nay, a very good shooter, will require far more than five elements to put into place.  By the time it was necessary to sit down at the keyboard and bang out “what it takes” I’d written enough notes as to be into the teens in describing the elements of a good shooter.

In short, these are, alphabetically, attitude, balance, conceit, concentration, confidence, consistency, desire, eyes, follow-through, hands, repetition, self-recognition, stance, tools, visualization.

This is no magic formula.  Instead, it is a guide by which one can perfect his or her skills, enjoy the game of basketball more now and in the future.  There’s no reason why an able-bodied individual can’t continue to enjoy the greatest game for years and continue to shoot well into the elder years.


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