Posted by: wordofexcellence | March 4, 2012

National Grammar Day

So today is March fourth and its national grammer day. This here iz my tribute to national grammer day. I hope all you like what I got to say here.

I really get po’ed when I see lousy grammer. People dont know when to use apostrophe’s or even commas or quote marks. Isnt it a pity when you want to read some article and its full of errors and mis-steasks and such? I cant stand to read stuff like that its like the writer dont know how to spel or anything. They cant put words in the right oder, they cant make sentences short or anything. 

And you know whats worst? When you read the news paper and its about some basketball game that wuz played and they talk about the peopel who went to the game and of course thats a crowed. I mean cant they spel the word crowd right and insted they put an extra e in there and its crowed.

One of the things I hate most about reading stuff that dont make sense is when I read about some guy whose gonna be speeking somewheres and his name is  lets say Anthony Markus and they dont spel the name write and it comes out Antny Marks or something dumb like that? Does that make any sense to you? cuz it dont make no sense to me.

Im tryin to kepe this breef cuz I wanna watch Tv today or tonite cuz somethin good mite be on.

Theres times when I want to call up the paper and tell them Hey dont spel them words so bad becuz I cant figure out what you all are tryin to say sometime.

I reely think grammer is impotent when we read becuz if its not then how will we know what we are saying or reading.

Im a stickler for proper usages and I cant stand it when people write the wrong stuff and then it dont make no sense to nobody whos readin it. Grammer is impotent cuz we need our chillun to be abel to rite good to.

Im tryin to kepe this breef cuz I wanna watch Tv today or tonite cuz somethin good mite be on.

Im reely hopin youall like my thinkin about grammer becuz I think its real impotent to teech good grammer to our chillun and folk who been thru skool reely oughta know how to spel good and stuf.

Let me know if I mad any missteaks cuz I am tryn to be purfekt in my speling and my grammer?

I preciate it.



  1. I think you and Michael Clay Thompson would get along pretty well.

  2. I enjoyed this even though I love my few mistakes because perfection is anal.

  3. I don’t think you made any mistakes at all, in fact yo grammer is purfekt! 😀

  4. I pick out two many mistake on you post, I don’t think you have busness posting this artickle. You shood go back to skool, idiut!


  5. u dun good

  6. Dude! I missed National Grammar Day? I think I need a calendar for obscure yet quirky holidays… Pacifically for things like this 😉

  7. Thanx fer gud comnets – I apprecimate it lots.


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