Posted by: wordofexcellence | February 29, 2012

Who was it that told them they were entitled?

I’m inspired to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) today because in USA Today is an op-ed article entitled, “Huguely’s failure to speak,” written by Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Professor Public Interest Law at George Washington University.

Some time ago, I began considering how a large segment of our population often takes it for granted that they may take certain liberties with others. Of course, I’m not the first to consider the situation. In fact, Sports Illustrated has discussed this topic on numerous occasions.  And, of course, I have my own opinions – not just about this case but numerous others.

George Huguely V, the subject of today’s op-ed article, was a reasonably good college lacrosse player at the University of Virginia, and he was dating another reasonably good college lacrosse player, Yeardley Love. UVa has a top-notch lacrosse program, ranking at or near the top of the heap on a regular basis.

Apparently, their relationship was on the skids, and an angry Huguely has now been found guilty of Second-degree murder in Ms. Love’s death, and the jury recommended a jail sentence of 26 years. Of course, this is old news to any who regularly follow such news (or maybe watch Nancy Grace).

Funny how Grace bears such a tolerant-sounding name, given her proclivity for rabid diatribes (in the name of justice). She’s another story altogether…perhaps on another day.

Look at what transpired between Huguely and the late Ms. Love. He burst into her dormitory room, kicking in the door, slapped her around and left her for dead once he was finished with his apparent vengeance-fulfilling attack. Only he can know what was on his mind that day, as the tenor of the op-ed article noted – he has not spoken of what was going through his addled mind on that day.

Entitlement – I can speak about this topic because I’m old enough to remember when we males were “entitled” to having our way with the women in our lives. It was expected – demanded, actually – that a woman capitulate to sexual advances from a man in the days when I was growing up. There was so little regard for the female perspective that men (and teenaged boys) walked away in disgust if they were denied that which they were “entitled to.”

We see the athlete, politician, CEO, and so many more of our “best and brightest,” as it were, continually pushing the proverbial envelope of relationships. Their demands on the women in their lives (or those they like to have in their lives) are unrealistic and chauvinistic, and they simply won’t take no for an answer. The same mindset provides the child molester with justification for his actions as well.

I’m not convinced that there will come a day any time soon that entitlement will be left by the wayside. There’s bound to be another young man or another old man who thinks that what he desires is simply that which he can readily take for granted. And he’ll take it (she’ll take it, too, by the way) as a deserved award just for being that special person he or she is.




  1. This is such a sad truth. I grew up a fan of professional football and I remember sharply each and every disappointment when another one of the pros made the news for assaulting a woman or worse. There was a time when these men were role models, when they were the ‘best of the best’, and we WANTED our children to aspire to be like them. Now I think that if I had a son I’d cry if he wanted to become a pro ball player. Good post!

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