Posted by: wordofexcellence | February 7, 2012

One Hundred Words of Encouragement

I am motivated this afternoon by an email I received the other day, and just got around to opening. The challenge had been laid out for people to write 100 words of encouragement (for writers), as a contest some time back. I apparently missed the call for submissions, but that didn’t cause me to hold back.
Herewith, my effort to provide any and all with One Less Than One Hundred One Words Of Encouragement. I hope that any and all who view this will be blessed.

Allow yourself to dream. Be positive in your outlook. Cry sometimes. Dine elegantly on occasion. Eat something spicy.

Fight off drowsiness at midday. Go for a nice long walk. Have a milkshake occasionally.  Impress yourself with a new word or phrase.

Jump for joy for someone else. Kiss somebody. Look in the  mirror and smile. Move unnecessary things off your desk. Never mind frustration.

Open a book.


 Quit your worst vice.


Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Teach someone something.

Utter a “bon mot.” Visit a friend. Write a poem.

Xerox something.

Yell sometimes.

Zoom off down the road.




  1. good job, Caleb!

  2. Now there’s a creative way of encouraging writers to relax and be productive. Nice job. 🙂

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