Posted by: wordofexcellence | January 29, 2012

A Recipe for Writing

When contemplating the page, what is needed is a plan for the journey, even a blueprint.

Herewith, a recipe for writing. Savor it, embrace the warmth and use it profusely.

One needs the following ingredients: a dash of inspiration, a modicum of selfishness, a bale of freedom, a distinguishing palate, an eye of newt (after all, this is an essential part of many brews), one pot of gumbo (choice of chicken or seafood), 2 pounds of grammatical excellence, 4 quarts of sensitivity, 1 instance of acceptance of guidance, one inquisitive spirit and 7 days’ hibernation from otherworldly cares.

Set aside the gumbo for those most hungry moments.

Season the freedom with the dash of inspiration and the inquisitive spirit, and add the mixture to the selfishness; boil for a minimum of one day, until reduced to an opening.

Once the opening has been revealed, take the 7 days’ hibernation and the instance of acceptance of guidance to a quiet location. There, heartily mix in the modicum of selfishness with the sensitivity until it all comes to a roiling mass.

Bake for 3 days in a temperate climate to a crisp interior with a warmly welcoming desire for inclusiveness. At that point, use the grammatical excellence and the distinguishing palate to create a masterpiece of delectability.

Keep the eye of newt separate until convinced it is no longer needed.

Finally, enjoy an exquisite meal of gumbo with jalapeno cornbread on the side and a favored wine, as a celebratory last rite.


NOTE:  I originally wrote this for a contest, and it won me $25 (woo-hoo!).  It sums up my love of words, writing, Cajun/Creole food, and the joy of being able to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).


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