Posted by: wordofexcellence | December 27, 2011

Black Girl

Several years ago, I wrote a poem that provided me with much notoriety, with an extraordinary number of beautiful black women saluting me with praise, with thrown napkins and sundry other items, and an enduring reputation as one who truly appreciates the Sistahs.

It’s entitled “Black Girl,” and I debuted it at a “Friday night out” at church. It was so well-received that I was given requests for personalized copies by more than a few Cocoa Cuties.

What causes such an enormous amount of praise and enjoyment?  Well, it’s pretty clear to me that when what you say or write is heartfelt, that comes through. Sincerity is always going to win people over.

Herewith, “Black Girl”

Black girl

My ebony Sistah;

Supernaturally beautiful

Genetically blessed

Chocolate queen

Mocha princess with a cocoa kinda flow

Caramel cutie

Nails ‘n’ hair might take all night

But you know girl, you got to get it right

Semi-sweet, Special Dark

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

God fearin’ – God lovin’



A nurturer

Strong, courageous and ready to fight

For what she believes

You’re a honey-dipped brown sugah Baby

I love you.

It has been years since I’ve read this in public, and though I had a request a couple of years ago to read it on a special occasion, my schedule at the time prevented me from doing so.

I resurrect it at this time because it’s truly part of my legacy as a writer and a poet. I’ve written plenty of poetry over the years, but none so well-received (and talked-about!) as Black Girl.



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