Posted by: wordofexcellence | May 8, 2011

You have to laugh

Yes, it’s quite true – you have to laugh because if you don’t you’ll only be able to cry.

Last Wednesday, May 4, I underwent a cystoscopy to see if we couldn’t rescue that delightful little bugger, my kidney stone,  from its abode within my abdomen.

Groggy and in some pain, I returned home mid-afternoon, with pain pills to come as soon as my wife could swing back and pick them up and return home. Fortunately, I’d been prepped before I left the hospital.

And can’t we all agree that Hartford Hospital is a terrific facility, with caring professionals seeking to rectify our issues?  I’m thankful for their bedside manner.

I’ll reiterate that I wouldn’t wish a kidney stone on my worst enemy – don’t even know who that is, but he would have to be really nasty to get to the top of such a list. The pain, the annoyance, the frustration are all pretty much unbearable.  Of course, at that point, I have to thank God for being God and caring for me as He does.

How delightful that He chose my system to tinker with when I was brought into this world.  I learned that I have a “partially duplicated Rt collecting system.” Instead of one ureter into my kidney, there are two ureters which merge at one point and become one, shaped in a sort of a “Y.”

So the good news is that the surgery has been done. Not so delightful news is that I have a stent in my lower ureter that will need to be removed (next Friday, May 13). When the scheduling nurse called to advise me of the date, she sniggled at the mention of Friday the 13th.  When I called them back, I assured them that I’ve got no superstitions that beset me and that the 13th is a delightful day to dip back into the hospital for a procedure. Yeah, right.

So here I am at home, chugging down gulps of water nonstop and praying that the burning sensation that I have (do you want me to get graphic here?) will subside.  For the most part, since Wednesday, I’ve been pretty groggy, lacking an appetite, in moderate pain and pretty much looking forward to a sunny day on which I’ll be able to say I’m stone-free.


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