Posted by: wordofexcellence | April 5, 2011

Caleb’s Story About The Gingerbread Man

A brief introduction is necessary:  My son, Caleb, who is 5, asked me to grab a pen and a piece of paper a few months ago so he could tell me a story.  Fascinated, I complied.

Here is the story, unsullied:

Once upon a time the Gingerbread Man made a Gingerbread boy.

The Gingerbread boy ran away, to go eat.

He bought some pizza and no person in the whole world even said, “I want to eat you.” Then once he met a fox, but the fox didn’t trick him. He said, “Let’s go in the back…do you want to go for a ride on the roller coaster…and I’m not going to trick you.”

The fox wanted to be his friend, and he brought him to the store and bought Zhu Zhu pets and a Wii game. They both played the Mario game and Wii sports; then everybody said, “We like you…we like you!” and nobody said “We want to eat you.”

Then, he met his father who told him, “Stop going around town. Everybody is going to say that they will eat him.”

But he said, “Everybody likes me; they really do, they really won’t eat me.”

Then his dad said, “Oh!”

The fox was building his own globe, and Caleb and Collin found a gingerbread house, opened up the door and said, “Happy Birthday, Everyone!” because it was the birthday for all gingerbread people. They all had pencils, and they wrote stories about everyone they knew and then they traded the stories to each other. Then they put it out all around town, and everyone passed poles and saw it.

The Gingerbread boy was a little sad because he couldn’t find his friend, the fox. But when he saw a hen, behind the hen was fox! He said, “Yay! Yay! Yay!” When fox heard that, he said, “Oh, it’s my friend; I’ve been looking all over for you! Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about loud!”

After they saw each other, they hugged and were exceedingly happy. They took a walk down by the river, and enjoyed seeing the boats and ships and the moonlight on the water.



  1. Yes, it’s me with a comment on Caleb’s article. Someone emailed me about the blog and expressed surprise that I hadn’t had a comment when I first posted it. Feeling compelled to do so now, I can say the following:

    This is not the first thing that Caleb dictated to me. When he was 4, he asked me to get a pen and some paper and he told me two different stories that I jotted down for him. The “project” blew me away. Never did I surmise that my little boy (age 4, remember) would take it upon himself to suggest that I capture his story for posterity. In addition to that, I never dreamt that they would be reasonable stories. I need to find them so I can share them.

    With the above story, I was again taken aback at his creativity and mindset. Please understand that the recitation is word-for-word; I did no editing and I didn’t embellish it at all.

    Suffice to say, I’m proud of my little man.

  2. Great story. Full of love and fellowship. He a chip off the block.

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