Posted by: wordofexcellence | March 31, 2011

My introductory piece (peace?)

I read an article this morning suggesting that I begin to blog. 

Of course, I’ve read copious articles in the last several months suggesting that I begin to blog.  So far, I’ve been able to ignore (avoid?) blogging.  That’s not to say that I don’t have a large number of my writing efforts online already.  I’ve been at it for quite a while now, and actually receive phone calls from folk who claim to have “read my blog” and want clarification on a particular topic.

Most of the pure writing I have done in the most recent few years have been essays of one sort or another – either pure opinion or a smattering of factual points on a topic of particular interest.  “Wait,” you say – “of interest to whom?”  Well, frankly, I don’t write about much of anything that doesn’t interest me, though I’ve been called upon on occasion to scribble something that’s downright boring in my eyes.  My hope, of course, is that what might interest me will often interest others as well.   After all, what’s important to a writer is to be read.  If you’re not read, then are you truly a writer?

On occasion, the ideas I have are not likely to be of much interest to a vast majority of the planet.  But what about that one person (or two) who just had a notion to think about MY topic of the day and then happened upon what I had written?  Doesn’t that make me a successful writer in that person’s eyes?   Didn’t I fulfill the greater good for that person; didn’t I prove myself to have written for the one publication that mattered?

There are answers to these questions somewhere, but I’m not quite certain where.  Perhaps I waste my time, even in “penning” this tome.  I have a great appreciation for arcane words, those that aren’t seen in print every day.  One of my favorite things to do on a (almost) daily basis is to open the email I get from with another new (or nearly so) word for me to review and enjoy.  As noted on each of these emails, it is “The Magic of Words.”

Not long ago, I wrote an article entitled, “Read your dictionary.”  The premise, clearly based on people having insufficient knowledge of their own vocabularies, is that one has much to learn from the study of language, particularly the meanings, derivations and correct spellings and pronunciations of words.   So much of our populace speaks improper English; most of the blame (too harsh?) to be laid upon the foregoing generations.  Frankly, we (Americans) are a lazy people when it comes to our language (and I’ll let it go at language).  This results in our improper usage, inadequate means of expression and, eventually, confusion among those who might have to follow directions, understand instruction and, ultimately leave behind information for their heirs.

If, by blogging, I can encourage others to read, to write, to study and to learn, then the creation of this blog is a favorable thing for me to do.  Of course, my aim – as a writer, a raconteur, a man for all seasons, a hail fellow well-met – is to have my work read, reviewed, enjoyed and (ultimately) to provide a monetary benefit to me and my family.


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